As some of you might know I am a fervent Linux user, especially Arch Linux. I’ve been distro-hopping for quite some time a few years ago. I went from Ubuntu to Debian. to Manjaro and back to Ubuntu. As part of a challenge I installed Arch the “Arch way” and I never looked back. Sure I tried other distro’s (like MxLinux) but I always went back to Arch after a while, so I decided one day to stop hopping and just stay on Arch.

Then came the next issue: which desktop environment. Should I use Gnome, KDE, XFCE4 or just a window-manager? It took me a while but now I’ve settled on the latter, a window-manager and I3wm was the one I chose. I’ve tweaked it a lot over the last few months and now I’ve got it the way I like it.

Just for the nitpickers under us, I can change the sizes of the containers (windows) with keyboard shortcuts. If anyone is interested I can post my configs.